5 cheapest sources of Protein

Cheap sources of protein can be found if you know where to look. Use these 5 protein sources to get the biggest bang for your buck. Each source of protein is broken down cost wise into protein grams per rupee.

Keep in mind that these foods might also contain carbohydrates or fat, so you will still need to ensure they fit into your calorie allotment.

1.Low fat paneer/ Cottage cheese

We all are familiar with this protein source. Paneer being one of the cheapest source of protein, can be best served and eaten at night. As Paneer acts as a replacement for casein. which reduces catabolism in body, that helps to reduce muscle breakdown.So in approx. 100gms of paneer, you’ll get 20 gms of protein.


Egg is being one of the most cheapest source of protein, is the most preferred  athletes and bodybuilders. as whole egg consists 6 grams of protein, and one egg white consists of 3g of lean protein. Egg can be best served and eaten as breakfast and immediately postworkout. As Egg has a high -Availability.


Milk is  the cheapest protein source. It is a combination of whey and casein protein (fast and slow digesting). For those on a tight budget who are not lactose intolerant, milk is a great way to get in extra protein.

4.Frozen chicken

Frozen chicken tends to be cheaper than its fresh counterpart, but if you look hard enough, you can find fresh chicken for nearly the same price when it’s on sale. Buy it in bulk and freeze it yourself for an even bigger discount.

5.Whey protein

Yes, you read that right. If you look at the whey protein jar as a whole. It may appear costly. But if you look at the amount of protein in serving and cot per scoop, it may look equal to the amount of frozen chicken, hence offering you a high amount of protein per serving.Do the math.

These are the best recommendations! If you have more sources and ideas

.Let us know by commenting down below!


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