Tips to eat clean

Control your environment,  don’t get control by it. – Kris Gethin

All of us  are surrounded with busy schedules throughout the week.So, here the Question arrives, How do we feed ourselves with clean food all day long?

First of all, lets get our priorities straight.Eating clean is not just meant to diet down, we’ve to evolve with it and make as our lifestyle.Therefore, By making certain changes, we’re making our soul and body thank us in terms of like health, longevity and vanity.

Talking about the tips-

  • Cook your meals in advance.It’s the most effective and efficient way to stay on track.   For example, you can prepare all your meals on a Sunday, that you’re gonna have from Monday to Thursday. Similarly then on a  Thursday for following days and the cycle repeats.



  • Eat small and frequent. Fueling your body in every two to three hours with a good source of protein, helps your metabolism stay steady and doesn’t makes you feel bloated and hence keeps your waist intact.



  • Make a rule of thumb to eat a certain amount of meals per day. For example, 6 meals a day is the standard amount of meals that one can have during day.


  • If you are someone who’s in a rush every morning, You can make yourselves a protein smoothie. which will make you feel fuller and is gonna cover your macro for the breakfast.For example, you can add a scoop of whey, yogurt, oats, fruits and some green vegetables and blend it all together.

  • Meal Replacements such as protein bars, protein chips works the best.Just ensure that they are not in high in sugars or unwanted fats.


  • Do not skip a meal. If you maintain your meal frequency, there are less chances that you’re going to have any craving. People who usually skip meals, face a major insulin spike. that makes you crave for sugars.12963495_1067161416681567_1867816056649889924_n.jpg


  • Be creative with your meals.Eating the same thing everyday can be boring. So, opt for alternative meal sources. For example, On Monday it can be an egg white omelet, then on Tuesday it can be a protein pancake, and Wednesday a protein smoothie. Hence the cycle repeats. Trying adding some Herbs and spices to make your meals taste good.

  • Eating clean while socializing can even be easier. Just guide the waiter according to  your preferences.For example, no oil , no butter and sauce is the best way you can acknowledge to the waiter.

By these certain changes in your lifestyle, you can get closer to your desired goals, stay healthy and fit!

Is something missing from the tips above? Comment down below. I would love to check your recommendations. 




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