Review on Prostar whey protein

Recently I finished having this Whey protein called Prostar, a product by ultimate Nutrition. If you’re thinking to opt for  whey protein concentrate. I think you should invest on Prostar. The amount of servings in a jar of 4 lbs is somewhat around 80. For which, i Think no other brand offers.

This product stands best for those who want to make the most on a limited budget. Specially for people like us, who are college students. The product can even benefit those, who are a vegetarian,  restricted on vegan protein sources like cottage cheese (paneer), tofu and whey. I personally had two to three scoops a day to cover my macros. A scoop of 33g offers you 25g of protein. Which is really impressive. Otherwise other brands provide a serving scoop of 40g with just 23- 24g of protein.Simply to make more money by putting garbage like ingredients in their products and even for marketing purposes.

Talking about Flavor, i’d chocolate creme. For which i’d like to say that the taste was good.  nor to bad and neither really impressive.Coming to mixibility, as per directions, the scoop needs to be mixed with 200ml of water for a thick taste. Any further than that will give you a faded taste.

My ratings on this product are as follows

cost – 4/5

Mixibilty- 3/5

Taste- 3/5

overall- 4/5

Is something missing from the review above? Comment down below! I’d love to see your recommendations.



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