Should you buy supplements from your gym trainer?

Everyday thousands  of beginner steps into the gym with a motive to transform, look good and above all fitness.

From a beginner to a professional athlete. Everyone needs a good guiedance. And that can only be given by a certified gym trainer, who can give provide you right form of knowledge for supplementation, Nutrition and training.

Talking about the supplements.  We all know that there is a grey market for everything in the world. From clothes to electricals, you name it and its there in the market. Similar is the case with supplements. Shockingly, the grey market of supplements does exist. According to the Researchers, 85% of the supplements sold in India are fake.

Here the Question comes,  then why are these trainers selling fake supplements? It’s all because of the reason , large profit margins are being involved.

I remember when I first took a gym Membership, i was in 11th grade. Being a new born baby to this industry, i had a zero percent knowledge about anything. Alot of trainer s came to me and referred to take supplements from them. Luckily I didn’t because my uncle had been a fitness freak and he knew what goes inside. So he passed on that knowldege to me.

Recently, A friend of mine, who was a beginner became a victim of this scam. A protein product was been sold too him by an uncertified gym trainer. And too overpriced. With no hologram on the jar or a bill provided to him. He had so many problems, From digestive to skin problems.

Hence, Talking about all these experiences.I will never ever prescribe you to buy supplements from a trainer.

Stay stafe. Stay fit. Stay healthy.

Do you even have a similar story? Then comment down below. I would love to acknowledge them. Lets hold hands together and share the awareness.


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